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Aiken County's Hidden Treasures
You may have heard this script on a nature show. You can imagine the voice of the narrator: 

“It is a beautiful, blackwater creek. Browns and greens mix to paint a stunning landscape. The cool waters are home to more species of aquatic insects than any other stream in the world. Calls of songbirds from overhanging limbs and earthy smells of the rich floodplain bring the senses alive.”

How far would you travel to immerse yourself in this natural wonder? To the Smokies? To the Rockies? Now imagine this stream in Aiken County. Because it is.

On the canvas of Aiken County, Upper Three Runs Creek and its tributaries are master brush strokes. Other streams – Hollow Creek, Shaw’s Creek, the South Edisto River – complete the masterpiece. If damaged, the original cannot be restored. The Aiken County Watershed Alliance (ACWA) believes this creation deserves protection.

Who is ACWA?

The Aiken County Watershed Alliance is a group of concerned citizens, including local scientists, city and county planners, government officials, and others, who have joined forces to ensure that local streams remain ecologically healthy through proactive watershed planning.

ACWA operates under the auspices of the Aiken County Open Land Trust (ACOLT), which is dedicated to the preservation of open, undeveloped space in Aiken County, South Carolina.

Partners joining ACWA in watershed protection:

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